On-going Maintenance

  1. Park Management Plan – incorporate improvements/ideas for longer term; project list; funds; resources.  Link current plan to CPF website so easily accessible to all.
  2. Work with Green Spaces to develop new Management Plan (add to meeting agenda).
  3. Park Entrances – current entrances, both pedestrian and vehicular, are hidden/ unsafe/ unwelcoming or a combination of these. Re-design them so they are more inviting/ welcoming, e.g. bright, colourful artwork in subway, using local children. Other ideas needed (also a named contact at TfL). Would benefit from a detailed survey (see also item C4).
  4. Main Entrance from A312 – As this is the only vehicular entrance, and is poorly sited and sign-posted, it needs particular attention. Ideally involving remodelling/repositioning of entrance/exit. (TfL)
  5. ‘Domesday Path’ improvement project with volunteers.
  6. Additional litter bins / dog waste bins.