Green spaces / Natural environment

  1. Investigate historic aspects of the landscaped parkland, e.g. who was its designer; what plants were used, with a view to restoring some of these. Open up original vistas (e.g. Ha-Ha).
  2. The River – remove/thin out some tree cover to open up the river. Other River improvements, also to Frog’s Ditch.
  3. Cut in a path by the river bridge to make more of this Grade II listed feature and improve views of it (as done on River Brent). Beautify riverbanks and make them more accessible.
  4. River – Remove invasive species e.g. Himalayan Balsam, Knotweed, Giant Hogweed.  (Co-ordinated with the same work upriver to avoid contamination).
  5. The River – Look into restoring historic features such as the Chinese Bridge, ‘Moon-shaped Pond’ beside bridge and the Berkeleys’ Boat House.
  6. Investigate suitability of river for canoeing.
  7. New Tree Survey (to include historical species) and update Habitat Survey.
  8. Play area (existing area by car park). Sort out problems regarding access/mud etc. Provide new play equipment, in keeping with the heritage of the site (e.g. horses/ jousting). Enhance play area in a ‘natural’ way (see Bedfont Lakes/ Iver Groundwork).
  9. Trails – Nature Trail using Interpretation boards with info on birds and other wildlife. Consider other trails. E.g. Sculpture trail through woodland with trees carved by artist. Interpretation boards for most important/oldest trees.
  10. Trails – Childrens’ play trail with sculpted animals. ‘Trim Trail’/ exercise area. Link trails to Hillingdon Trail/London Loop?
  11. Orchard – improve path within this area. Make more of the orchard (Harlington area was ‘fruitopolis’).
  12. Install picnic area (i.e. picnic tables). Beside river bridge or in previous position (east of churchyard).
  13. Install ‘outdoor classroom’ in woods using tree trunks as seats or something similar to example in Crane Park. Potential area already identified.