Built Environment/ Historical

  1. Stable Block/Cellars – on EH ‘At Risk’ Register. Need long-term use(s). Facilitate discussion with interested parties. Continue engagement with council (started Nov. 2012) re immediate issues and to discuss future use.
  2. Stable Block/Cellars – install local museum/ art gallery/ visitor centre / performance area/ cafe. Arts centre with income generation (flexible art/performance/studio space). Osterley House (NT) good example. Education centre with classroom/meeting rooms for hire.
  3. Improved visitor centre with cafe. (There used to be a cafe above cellars). NB: Currently no refreshment facilities in Crane Valley parks.
  4. Funds for a feasibility study.  Investigate consultants.
  5. Restore hedge maze in stable courtyard.
  6. Interpretational materials – Update Cranford historical leaflet (stickers). Advertise yellow ‘Cranford – Memories of a Village’ booklet on CPF website (with mark-up).
  7. Commission public artwork to commemorate significant time(s) in the park’s history.
  8. Collect voice/video recordings of local residents’ memories (oral history).
  9. Paint a picture and/or prepare other 2D / 3D representations of former Cranford House to supplement historical photos.
  10. Support appointment of Education officer/ on site staff.
  11. Install historical interpretation boards.